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Weekly Lessons

Weekly classes are a great way for skateboarders of all ages and skill levels to build confidence and grow on a board, all without having to commit to a full semester of lessons. Whether you're a beginner looking to get started or you've been skating for a while and are looking to take your skills to the next level, our dedicated team of Professional skateboard instructors will be able to provide knowledge and guidance needed to help you grow and push yourself in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Weekly classes are booked on a one-off bases, click below to see our sampling of available classes and get signed up today!

138 Private Mini Ramp Sessions

Located right near McCarren Skatepark in Williamsburg, enjoy the luxury of having a beautiful 32' Mini Ramp all to yourself. Perhaps with a few close friends who support and encourage each other. Available for up 25 guests.  Great for birthday & private parties. Good vibes only.


If you're looking to upgrade your skills add an instructor for an added fee. 

If you have any questions please call before booking. 

ph: 917-767-0469



Rebekah Ambjor

BBSC provide more than just skate lessons. They push these kids to move past their fears and doubts. Which is a life lesson we all need to learn. They're lifting these kids up, while providing community and an opportunity to check out skate spots and parks all over NYC. 


Dan Michalik

Our two kids have skated with BBSC for years, and our older son helps teach now. It's about so much more than skateboarding. Our kids learned to use their bodies and their minds, in a way that places collaboration and creativity before competition. BBSC is a such a positive community!


Nagisa Landfield

BBSC has been a huge part of my kids' life. The teachers are not only incredibly talented skateboarders but also role models for all the kids including teenagers. Their love for skateboarding is so authentic and their enthusiasm motivates kids to challenge themselves. BBSC values the community and they truly care about each kid. I am so lucky that my kids go to know them well and learned from them. Thank you guys!!!


Daru Oda

I can't begin to describe the impact BBSC has had on our lives over the past 5 years! Omar & crew are our family, vital to us in ways that extend even beyond skating. The after school days, the weekend mornings, summer breaks, shredding at the beach or under the overpasses, all the skate trips and adventures on the dopest purple sparkle skate bus, making movies, making music, making art, covert climbing operations, games of SKATE, birthday parties, bootcamp with Mr Pink, outrunning Dennis, wedgies & hugs, life lessons and the best most epic times ever. My kids have never felt safer and more independent, more challenged and more confident, more inspired and excited, than when they skate with BBSC. Not to mention, Liv's adult classes couldn't be more inclusive or supportive. Her sessions bring all the stoke & community  whether you're a beginner or wanting  help with your next tricks. As parents who have been on the sidelines of our kids' various activities, BBSC has been a catalyst for us to find fresh joy in our own skate lives. Thank you guys for the magic & love in all you do over all these years and onward. 


Carrie Ashley Hill

My kiddo is 6 and started skating with BBSC a year and half ago, and his skills are mind blowing. Massive fly-outs over stacked skateboards, rock n rolls, board slides, 50/50 grinds!  He always makes loads of new buddies each summer, meeting kids from all over the city, bus rides down to rockaways and all around. Beyond skating he has gained self-confidence, total respect of others in the skate park, he always waits his turn and encourages other skaters, self-discipline, determination, how to keep his head on a swivel and be hyper aware of his surroundings.  BBSC encourages kids to just focus on their own progress and not be competitive with others.  He is his BEST SELF when skating.  We adore Omar and all the BBSC crew! 


Kristen Lum

My daughter has been skating with BBSC for the last 5 years and has had a blast learning new tricks, cruising to all the skate parks in the city and rocking out in the skate van. Omar's warm and friendly nature combined with his children vibes make him the perfect coach. He and his crew really know how to help kids up their skate skills and have fun while doing it. BBSC rules

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